Beacon Therapeutic: Creating New Endings From Disadvantaged Beginnings

At Beacon, we truly believe in the unbreakable power of the human spirit to overcome and persevere. Founded in 1968 as a Day School, Beacon is now a multi-service site organization with three core programs: Therapeutic Day Schools (elementary and high school); Homeless Outreach Services; and Mental Health Outpatient Services. Beacon serves at-risk children, adolescents, teens and their families in the Chicago metropolitan area with academic programs and clinical therapies that understand and value their unique behavioral, developmental and educational needs.

We believe in the value of each child's life and refuse to allow a troubled, homeless, or high-risk beginning to undermine their hopeful future. We believe, and our program participants continue to demonstrate to themselves and their communities, that it is never too late to write a new ending to a disadvantaged beginning.

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