About Beacon Therapeutic

At Beacon, we know that educating children goes beyond simply providing academic opportunities—it’s also about helping to create a safe and supportive home and family life.boys at school

For more than four decades, Beacon Therapeutic has served homeless and at-risk children, adolescents, teens and their families in the Chicago metropolitan area with academic programs and clinical therapies that value each person’s unique behavioral, developmental and educational needs.

More About Beacon Therapeutic

At Beacon, our staff is caring, tenacious and passionate—true professionals who have helped raise the standard of services for vulnerable families. Initially developed as a day school, Beacon Therapeutic has evolved into a comprehensive and highly accredited behavioral and mental health services agency, providing therapeutic day schools, homeless outreach services and clinical outpatient programs throughout the Chicago metropolitan area.

As a nonprofit organization, Beacon relies on the support and financial assistance of federal, state and city agencies as well as the generosity of foundations, corporations and individual donors. From our shelter outreach services to the services provided through our Chicago diagnostic and treatment center, everything we do is based on the belief that together we can make a difference.

But most importantly, the work we do at Beacon is grounded in our commitment to the unbreakable power of the human spirit to overcome and persevere. Day after day, our program participants continue to show themselves and their communities that it is never too late to write a new ending to a disadvantaged beginning.

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