Beacon Therapeutic Stomping Out Hunger and Homelessness in Chicago

The Beacon “Meltaways” participate in the Pound For Pound Challenge

The Beacon Therapeutic “Meltaways” are ringing in the New Year by pledging to lose weight in the Pound For Pound Challenge, a national campaign to stomp out hunger and homelessness.  For every pound pledged by the Beacon Therapeutic “Meltaways”, 11 cents goes to the Greater Chicago Food Depository (  Beacon Therapeutic and numerous non-profit organizations are rallying behind this Challenge in hopes of receiving the much needed funds to help feed the starving people in Chicago.

“Chicago is a magnificent city with countless attractions, however, we continue to suffer from severe poverty, hunger and homelessness. We at Beacon Therapeutic are humbled to be part of the struggle against hunger and homelessness.  Together, we can make Chicago a city free of poverty and homelessness,” stated Susan Reyna-Guerrero, LCSW, President & CEO of Beacon Therapeutic Diagnostic and Treatment Center.

For the third consecutive year, Feeding America and NBC’s The Biggest Loser are partnering to encourage Americans to lose weight through the Pound For Pound Challenge.  Built around the incredible success of The Biggest Loser, the program allows anyone to shed pounds along with the show’s contestants by pledging their weight-loss goals at

“Most people take eating for granted when there are families in our Chicago neighborhoods who are struggling and lucky to find even a morsel of food to get through the day.  The Pound For Pound Challenge is a means for us to help those less fortunate.  It’s a win-win Challenge.  We pledge to lose weight while helping feed those who would otherwise have nothing,” said Latonia Watson, Co-Captain of the Beacon Therapeutic “Meltaways” team.

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