Health Education

According to the National Coalition for the homeless, many homeless families suffer from chronic health conditions that impact the health and well being of all family members. Beacon’s Health Education for homeless families provides education and improved access to resources for the homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless in metropolitan Chicago.

Beacon’s Health Education for Homeless Families

Improving the health of homeless children and their families is an important part of Beacon’s community outreach programs. Often, homeless families encounter barriers to healthcare such as not knowing where to go for care or using the emergency room as a primary care provider.

Beacon’s Health Education for homeless families is a prime example of our commitment to improving access to care for vulnerable populations. Beacon connects with homeless families and those at risk of homelessness in Chicago and surrounding communities, providing them with direct services, case management and preventive health service referrals.

Our Health Education services also include smoking cessations groups and other community outreach programs designed to improve the health and long-term outlook of our communities’ most vulnerable residents.

For more information about services and programs provided by Beacon’s Health Education for homeless families, contact us.