Our Curriculum

Beacon’s curriculum for junior and senior high school classrooms makes it easier for new and veteran teachers to support the academic and personal growth of high-risk and special-needs students.

Beacon’s Curriculum: A Custom Solution for At-Risk Students

With our original, copyrighted curriculum, teachers can deliver the academic content used in standard high school programs at a pace and level of difficulty designed for students’ unique educational needs and circumstances. Students who learn with Beacon’s curriculum are studying the same materials as other students in their grade, but in a way that meets their learning style and speed.

Since our curriculum model is identical from course to course, teachers can spend less time developing and mastering core lesson structure, and more time focusing on engaging and educating students. Students benefit from grade-level textbooks and materials in a challenging format that caters to their specific needs, conditions and skills.

For schools and teachers, the advantages of Beacon’s structured curriculum include:

  • Curtails special education referrals
  • Compliant with access to regular curriculum mandate
  • Lowers costs and increases teacher efficiency
  • Supports mainstreaming and inclusion for high-risk students
  • Reduces teacher turnover
  • Contributes to a stronger, unified faculty
  • Increases success in students with damaged self-esteem regarding learning ability
  • Improves staff professionalism and morale
  • Reduces behavioral outbursts in students

Based on research from Response to Intervention (RtI) and the Understanding by Design® framework, Beacon’s curriculum is readily available to all teachers who work at our schools. Other educators outside of Beacon can also purchase our custom curriculum course, receive training from our accomplished teachers and observe teachers using the curriculum in a Beacon classroom.

Beacon’s Curriculum: Success Stories

Our proven curriculum programs have benefited students and teachers alike:

"The curriculum saves valuable preparation time by providing an all-inclusive design. The design in organized by lesson construction, learning activities and assessments. Each subject area includes independent and supplemental activities, and relevant websites. Teaching for the diverse classroom is a journey and a challenge. The curriculum has been my compass on this instructional voyage." - Patricia Presberry, Special Educator, has ten years experience working in Chicago Public and Private Schools, grades K-12

"The curriculum provides a roadmap for educators of different backgrounds and experiences to follow while moving toward a common goal. This isn't to say that the curriculum is a 'one-size fits all' resource that requires all educators to use it one way, but rather a format that allows ones to put their own unique stamp on the material. I could see this tool being used effectively in a variety of school settings. Personally, I have been able to come in as a new teacher to the setting and actually teach, whereas I probably would have spent the bulk of my time gathering materials if the curriculum wasn't in place. All in all, the curriculum has allowed me to focus more time getting to know my students and figuring out what makes them tick." - Evan Kalway, Teacher at Beacon's Calumet Park Campus

"The Beacon Curriculum has become a catalyst for a culture change throughout our three therapeutic day schools. It has highlighted our level of investment within our teachers and in turn our students. Having such a comprehensive tool for our teachers has expressed a level of expectation and excellence we have not had before. The framework and direction provided within this curriculum strikes a sense of confidence in our teachers, providing a greater sense of empowerment and self-challenge in their lesson planning within all subject areas." - Mr. Rick Karmik, Ed.D, Director of Education, In-Patient and Therapeutic Day School, Streamwood Behavioral Health Care System

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