Our Philosophy of Care

Our Philosophy of Care centers on the prevention, early intervention and treatment for high-risk children, families and communities. By providing holistic services and care that incorporates clinical therapy, education and social services, Beacon helps build safe and supportive home environments and communities for vulnerable youth.

At Beacon, our Philosophy of Care is grounded in several key tenets that are embedded in our work and in our agency operations:

  • Respecting and affirming diversity
  • Trauma-informed care
  • The use of harm reduction principles
  • Reflective practice, and
  • Strength-based models of relationship building to promote community and family stability

To support our mission, we offer a variety of comprehensive trainings, workshops and classroom-ready curriculums for teachers, educational organizations and other relevant professionals who serve at-risk and special needs students and families.

  • Training and Workshops: Our cross training workshops equip professionals with the tools and resources necessary for early childhood education, intervention and therapy, family mediation, social and emotional development, and life-skills building.  
  • Custom Curriculum: Our copyrighted junior and senior high school curriculums enable educators to teach the same materials offered in standard school programs, while tailoring the content and pace based on students’ unique education levels and learning requirements.  

Beacon’s custom materials and therapeutic program resources empower teachers and specialists to support the development and growth of children who are facing adversity. With our resources, you can help us make a difference one child at a time.