Shelter Outreach Services (SOS)

Beacon Shelter Outreach Services (SOS) provide highly trained and mobile clinicians to work with homeless children and families in over a dozen family shelters across metropolitan Chicago. Through our family and support services, we assist more than 700 homeless families each year.

Beacon’s Shelter Outreach Services: Serving Housing Programs in Chicago

Poverty, affordable housing shortage, domestic violence, mental illness—there are many reasons why families are forced to live in shelters. But children are forced to live in shelters simply because their parents are homeless. And in most cases, the impact of homelessness hits children the hardest.

Beacon Therapeutic launched the Shelter Outreach Services (SOS) program in response to the growing number of homeless families in the Chicago area. Our SOS program is grounded in a wraparound philosophy of care—a family-centered, needs-driven, individualized and culturally appropriate approach that centers on the strengths of the child and family.

Highlights of Beacon’s Shelter Outreach Services include:

  • A team of highly skilled professionals works with each family in the SOS program.
  • Services available to families include assessments, treatment, psychiatric evaluations, psychological assessments, and community-based case management including life skills, parenting groups, linkage to mainstream resources and locating permanent housing.

The wraparound philosophy embraced by Beacon Therapeutic is also a vital part of the City of Chicago's Plan to End Homelessness.

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